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As some of you may already know, we are finally getting married at the end of September! We are ecstatic, and we thank you all for the good wishes we have been receiving in person. We love you all, and we cherish all the kind words.

Due to the wedding plans, we are posting our schedule on the front page, as we do not want ANY confusion during our time away.

Thursday 9/26:

Grooming- Closed | Daycare- Closed

Friday 9/27:

Grooming- Closed | Daycare- Closed

Saturday 9/28:

Grooming- Closed | Daycare- Closed

Monday 9/30:

Grooming- Closed | Daycare- OPEN

Tuesday 10/1:

Grooming- closed | Daycare- Open

Wednesday 10/2:

Grooming- Closed | Daycare- Open

Thursday 10/3:

Grooming- closed | Daycare- Open

Friday 10/4:

Grooming- Closed | Daycare- Open

Saturday 10/5:

Grooming- Closed | Daycare- Closed

Tuesday 10/8:

Back to business as usual

During these specific days,


We ask that you leave a message if you would like to schedule an appointment, and we will return all of your calls in the order that they were left.

There will be limited staff, and they will be dedicating their time to ensuring the grooming appointments and daycare crew are being well taken care of.

PLEASE DO NOT come in and strong-arm/pressure/give lip to our staff into making an appointment

Sadly this has happened, and we can’t believe we have to make this a disclaimer, but if this happens, we can guarantee you will no longer be welcome at our establishment.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we will see you all after the wedding!